First Attempt! (Creative Writing Module assignment)

Kate Hames Branding-01This is my ‘first attempt’ for my Creative Writing module.

Gayle wasn’t intentionally looking for love in all the wrong places, why would someone do that? She had in fact given up looking completely a few months ago. The wrong places seemed to find her or at least the wrong men, for example the man who she had gone on a blind date with whose ex-girlfriend turned up and poured a pint over his head, the ex-girlfriend turned out to be his heavily pregnant wife who had been sat waiting at home for him for the last four hours expecting him to return from work, she eventually got fed up of waiting, made the 15 mile round trip to her parents to drop of their 5 year old twin girls, then came to search for him after hacking in to his profile where she came across the blind date arrangement. Needless to say that particular date didn’t end well.

Obviously this wasn’t Gayle’s type, married with kids, she wasn’t entirely sure what her type was but she knew she wouldn’t find it sitting around feeling sorry for her-self playing fetch with her cat.

So on a slightly daft impulse she booked 4 weeks off work, took a huge chunk out her savings and found the cheapest flight possible to Australia, she knew she would end up with major grief from her mother but she would worry about that when she returned from her trip of a lifetime, maybe a little bit of backpacking across the outback, cage swimming with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, throwing shrimps on ‘barbies’ or just lying on a beach for 30 glorious days, where, hopefully, Mr Right would just miraculously appear.

However it would be a good couple of hours in the airport before any of this would become a reality so in true Gayle fashion she headed straight for the bar for a well deserved Jameson’s and ginger, even though it was only 9:00am, it’s bound to be 5 o’clock somewhere…

The whisky was for the nerves really, she had never quite got the hang of flying, once the plane was in the air she was fine, it was just like being on a bus, a big bus with wings, 33,000 feet in the air. The whisky would take the edge off and she could relax for 10 and a half hours until the descent into Hong Kong, there was a couple of hours to kill before boarding the next flight into Sydney, which was a mind numbingly boring 13 hour flight, it would be worth it though, she knew this. Maybe they would have the new Thor movie playing or at least something with Hugh Jackman in, he’s always good for eye candy and he seems to be in everything these days.


’This a boarding call for flight BA025 to Hong Kong, we will shortly be boarding all passengers in rows 1 to 16, if you could make your way to gate 5. Thank you’

Gayle predicted it would take them at least 20 minutes to board the First Class passengers and she was seated in row 26 so she did what every self respecting woman under the age of 30 does in an airport when you’re low on funds…she made her way over to duty free, found a perfume she loved but couldn’t afford and rubbed the tester over her wrists, round her neck and just a quick couple of dabs behind her knees when the snotty store assistant wasn’t looking.

The alcohol was beginning to wear off now and Gayle was starting to worry that she might have a slight panic attack on take-off, it was probably too late to fit in another whisky, she would have to be strong and face the problem unaided. She could see the seating area of her gate from the duty free shop and it had cleared quite quickly, with just a few stragglers making their way up to the desk. If she could calmly make her way toward the gate and not think too much about it she would be fine, she had a mouth spray in her bag which apparently helped you to relax in stressful situations, she had used something similar when she took her driving test, it tasted just like whisky and to be honest probably was just pure alcohol, it was there for a backup if her brain decided to freak out. She handed over her boarding pass, all was fine, she was relaxed, calm and all she needed now was a quiet flight without interruptions from anyone.

’Stop wait! Please, Oh my god, don’t let the flight go, stressing-hell!’

A vision of pink erupted straight  into Gayle’s side, a girl, who by the sounds of her accent was very likely from the North East had clattered her way in to the gate, blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and stopped just above her hips, she was too short to be a catwalk model, more likely to be glamour. She definitely did something that kept her financially secure, the Manolo Blaniks and Louis Vuitton don’t pay for themselves. The intoxicating perfume that seemed to ooze from the girls every pore suddenly made Gayle feel light headed, maybe it was a mixture of whisky, Eau du moneybags and panic but the next thing Gayle saw was the floor hurrying up to meet her face.


Im sorry to anyone reading this who is not happy that there isnt an end to it but it was a piece for an assignment that  I doubt will ever get finished…!


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