Write what you know….

eI could never quite think of the perfect idea for a novel, the sequence of events would never quite fit together in my head, then I saw the film Never Been Kissed and Drew Barrymore uttered those wonderful words ‘Write what you know’ and I thought what brilliant advice!

I can write what I know…so I had to think, ‘what do I know’? I know that Pi is 3.14, I know that acceleration due to gravity is 9.82 m/s ² on Earth, I also know that if you were to touch my neck in a specific spot with the right amount of pressure I could have an almost instant orgasm…

These are things I know for certain, I’ll never stop knowing them if I can help it and at least two of them will remain true for eternity( Unless something goes horribly wrong).

There is one thing that I know I will never know, no amount of studying, exam taking, stressing, screaming, shouting, comforting, luring, coaxing or seducing will educate me in the subject, I don’t know men.

Everyday I get further toward the conclusion that men actually ARE from Mars and we’re from Venus, ok, maybe not those planets precisely but that we are from two different worlds!

I’m not complaining about men here, I’m not on a ‘man-bashing’ mission, I just want men out there to know we are as confused about them as they are about us. It’s working both ways, believe me!

I know we have anthropological reasons stemming back thousands of years to explain our strange behaviour away (yes men you DO have some sort of back up excuse! that doesnt mean you can use it constantly) but isn’t it about time we just get over ourselves, accept that we are different to each other, we will never fully understand why the other acts they way they do and just go make a cup of tea, eat a couple of biscuits and have done with it!


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