To run or not to run…




Now anyone that knows me knows I love walking, I’ve walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks four times and the National Three Peaks once, I even attempted to walk the Leeds/Liverpool Canal from one end to the other with a couple of friends (that’s 127 miles and a quarter, in case you were wondering) so it’s fair to say I like to walk. Running on the other hand…no, running is evil, running should be saved for emergency situations only, such as being chased by a dog or a zombie, or lava. Running is not fun.

At least that was my opinion before this morning, that’s right at 8am on a Sunday morning I dragged my sorry ass out of the comfort of my bed, missing out on snuggles with my outrageously handsome boyfriend and I went for a “run”. I say “run” because I am using the term loosely. You see I’ve started this new workout called ‘Couch to 5k’ and today was my first one. You basically build up your ability over 26 workouts. It starts with a brisk warm up walk of five minutes then you jog for a minute then back to walking for two and a half minutes and so on and so forth. The first 7-8 minutes were pure hell, it was 8am, the sun was barely over the yardarm and it was probably about -70… (ok it was probably about 1 degrees but it was still bloody cold). My fingers were screaming out in agony from the relentless cold and my mouth was slowly filling with the taste of blood, I was probably about to die. But I didnt! Yay! I pushed through the pain and came out smiling on the over side. I have to put myself through this torture three times a week now so I thought it would be nice to have you along for the journey, wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


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