It’s just not fair

Old Pics_0002
Nana Lil, Honey the dog and me


There has been plenty in the news within the last year regarding the elderly members of our families who need more support and care. the idea is that more needs to be done as people are living longer, surviving illness and therefore using resources, hospitals etc. Whilst its great news that people are living longer it also creates a responsibility of care but who is responsible?

I do feel, in part, responsible for my Nana Lil. She has survived cancer three times and I cant express greatly enough how strong she is. Whilst her treatment was on going the care she received from the nurses at Macmillan and Marie Curie was incredible and we cant thank them enough. My Nana is not stuck for support from family and friends, she has a whole entourage of people ready and willing to help whenever they can. Unfortunately there are times when we are unavoidably indisposed.

My Nana lives in her own house which is basically a “Granny Flat” attached to my Dads house, so for the most part she is never alone. Just recently my Dad and Step-Mum went to Thailand for a fortnight which left Nana on her own. My Mum tried tirelessly to find someone who could offer short term care that wouldn’t cost the earth. She contacted Social Services, the local GP, Macmillan, Marie Curie, Age UK, every place she could think of and was told that they do not offer short term services, unless you want to pay ยฃ300 per day, which is the amount she was quoted from one company.

This may not be the case all over the country as when my Mum spoke to the council of the neighbouring district she was told they would offer that service had she been living in that said area. (That was Calderdale for anyone who was wondering, we are in Bradford)

For a woman who is nearing her 90th birthday, who has lived through a world war, brought two wonderful children into this world, cared for and loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren, battled cancer three times and makes the best Yorkshire puddings ever to be told there is no care available for her is ludicrous. She has made her “necessary” contributions throughout her life and this is the way she is repaid? Maybe if she had lived her life on benefits and passed those traits on to her family she wouldn’t be in this predicament, it would seem that’s the way things go these days. Do as little as possible, claim as much as you can. And why not when the government make it so easy?


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