20 things you might not know about me…

I’ve been neglecting my blog recently and I apologise. However I’m all for these 30 day challenges that are buzzing about at the moment, so I am embarking on a 30 day blog challenge. Which probably isn’t the best idea right now as I am about to go on holiday for a week…I’ll save them up and bombard you with 5 days worth on Halloween!

Anyway… The challenge for ‘Day One’ is Introduction.. Well I don’t really need that since I’ve been posting on here for a while so I’m going straight on to Day Two… ’20 Random facts about me’

  1. I hate milky tea
  2. I adore singing
  3. I would like to be a police officer
  4. I love my son more than anyone could ever possibly know
  5. I think my boyfriend is the most gorgeous man to walk this planet (and probably any other planet)
  6. I despise ignorance
  7. I once applied to work at Disney
  8. 18:30 is my favourite time of day
  9. I’m finding it very difficult to think of 20 of these…
  10. I’ve stopped believing in ghosts because my Granddad Ted hasn’t been back to visit!
  11. I believe true love lasts a lifetime
  12. I’m genuinely terrified of zombies
  13. I’ve been studying for a degree with the OU for 5 years
  14. I don’t buy Bourbons because I will eat the entire packet in one sitting
  15. I bought the ‘Bones’ box set after watching just half an episode
  16. My favourite colour is blue
  17. I am an Atheist
  18. I still think that my Dad knows everything
  19. I wish I could travel the world
  20. It has taken me 3 months to write this!

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