Earliest Childhood Memory



The earliest childhood memory I have is of my Dad’s shop on Market Street in Thornton. I think I was about two years old. All I can remember is a very cluttered room full of furniture and boxes. There was also a counter, and underneath this counter was a cardboard box and inside this cardboard box was where my Nana’s cat gave birth to three kittens. I’m not entirely certain that this is a real memory or if I have just seen photographs and just made the rest up in my head.

Just in case this was something that I made up I’ll give you another one.I was a bit older for this one though, I think I was 5…. I shall never forget the day I had stitches for the very first time!

It was the summer holidays and I mean actual summer holidays, when there was actual real sunshine and it was hot in England for more than a week. We had the giant paddling pool out in the back garden and the Little Tikes garden slide with the hosepipe attached to it to create our own awesome water slide! It was perfect.

My friend Lisa and I had been happily playing some water based bouncy ball game, my Mum was happily sunbathing when the phone started ringing, the landline, (this was the 80’s) so my mum had to go inside and answer it, leaving us unsupervised. I chose this moment to throw the bouncy ball at a glass, by accident, resulting in a smashed glass. Instead of just leaving it alone and waiting for my Mum to return I decided to go and pick the glass up, which was obviously a stupid thing to do at five years old. The shard that had broken off slipped out of my hand and was so sharp it sliced straight into my foot just below my big toe. Now I was quite a loud child, I know that’s hard to believe, but I was, so much so that my Mum thought nothing of my ear piercing screaming and just carried on with her phone call. So there I was with glass sticking out of my toe, blood pouring from my foot and not an adult in sight! Eventually my parents did come out just before I bled to death and drove me to A&E, where I was given two stitches in my tiny five year old foot without anesthetic! Evil doctor! I still have the stitches in a box and a beautiful little scar 🙂


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