First Celebrity Crush

Nicholas Lyndhurst!

Let me just point out that I must have been 9/10 when this crush started. I adored him, he was so cute and funny in Only Fools and Horses. He was also so nice to Cassandra (on screen wife) which I think is a brilliant reason to have a crush on someone when you’re 9!!

I also watched re-runs of ‘Butterflies’, I think I must have thought he was cool..No idea, haven’t the foggiest what the attraction was. It could possibly have something to do with my Dad, if he happened to mention something about him, for example that he was funny etc etc then I would automatically like him just for that. It was the same if my Dad disliked someone, such as Paul Daniels, do not like him and can’t even tell you why, other than it being because my Dad doesn’t like him šŸ˜›


Be happy you bunch of numbskulls!Nic Lynd



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