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If I was to win the lottery (substantial amount) my first port of call would be hiking the PCT with Nat!  Once that is done I’ll do some boring things, pay off the mortgage, help towards friends mortgages blah blah blah…

Fun stuff! Lots of holidays over a year, New York definitely, Thailand, Iceland, Japan, everywhere really 🙂 and bring along whoever wants to come, within reason 😛

I would make some rather large donations to a few chosen charities, Macmillan, Martin House and either RSPCA or RSPB..or both!

One thing I would love to do is get the best cake maker (who I’m not related to) in the world set up in business! Natalie Currie needs a little cake shop so badly, this woman is incredible!

There are so many things I would love to do if money wasn’t an issue. I would go mad for the first few months and spoil my family and friends. Then I’d have to get serious and boring and do some investing, haven’t got a clue where I’d invest, Nat’s cake shop would be a start!

I would have to buy some Manolo Blahniks, which I would never wear! And I would most certainly buy my friend Hayley and I Gold Passes to many Dr Who conventions!

Be happy folk and wish me luck 🙂Good luck


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