Timeline of my day :)

Kate Hames Branding-01


The timeline of my day really depends on what day it is.

Mon – Thurs consists of boring things, particularly me going to work, Chris going to work (not Thursday) and shipping Pants off to school. (That’s my child not some random pants..he’s not called Pants, he’s called Christopher, but not the Chris that goes to work, that’s my boyfriend, they aren’t the same person..) Anyway!

After work my day will consist of cooking food for the lovely people who I live with i.e Chris and Pants. Clean some things, talk to the rats and gerbils, these are our pets, again not random things. Then when all of the tedious crap is out of the way I shall get some rough copies of my blog written, cram in some studying. All of which is usually interrupted every five minutes by Christopher asking for homework help, or a sandwich or he’s lost/broken/forgotten something, or a mixture of the above!

We don’t really have a strict routine, there are bedtimes and getting up times but there’s not much structure, maybe we should have more structure? They make me nervous though…

Be happy you little troglodytes ๐Ÿ˜›


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