10 (12) Favourite Songs




  1. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles   This was quite possibly the first Beatles song I ever heard.
  2. Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles Excellent to sing along with 🙂
  3. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra I’ve always associated this song with Frank..turns out Dean Martin is better known for singing it, which means Frank isn’t actually on my list! :O
  4. Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime Reminds me of a ‘Don’t drink and drive ad from years ago…
  5. Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed This needs no explanation
  6. Father and Daughter – Paul Simon Because my Dad is awesome 🙂
  7. 10CC – Life Is A Minestrone/Une Nuit A Paris/Dreadlock Holiday I couldn’t choose!
  8. Wild World – Cat Stevens Just love it 🙂

9. Subterranean Homesick Blues – Bob Dylan Again this needs no                       explanation.

10. A Little Respect – Wheatus Because it reminds me of Chris 🙂

Okay I know that technically there are 12 but I don’t care 😛

Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough,
follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow,
next week, next year, stop planning, start doing 🙂


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