Can(al) we all just get along?



(Okay so my play on words in the title is not the best)

I have mentioned my love of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal before I believe. Well just recently I have been discovering a love/hate relationship with said canal, although it’s not really the canal’s fault. Since my adventure of attempting to walk the length of the canal I have had many encounters with that towpath, most of which were enjoyable.

The canal towpath draws people from all walks of life, for many different purposes, many of which are far from its original use of industrial transportation.

On any given day you will find the cyclists, the hikers, the dog walkers, runners, families with children, all taking full advantage of their god given right to bask in the wonders of this man made water feature. And that seems to be the one thing that everyone on that canal seems to forget…we all have the same right to be there!

I have been a participant in each one of these ‘groups’; a dog walker, a regular walker, a cyclist, a mother out for a walk with her child and more recently a runner.

I have drawn one simple conclusion, if you are walking your dog and happen to pass someone else walking their dog then all happy words and smiles are exchanged, same goes for cyclist and cyclist, walkers and walkers (no not those walkers), runners and runners, so on and so forth. But heaven forbid if you are a runner and you make a friendly gesture toward a cyclist or dog walker, or even the dog! And vice versa!

It would seem that there is a canal code of conduct that I am not aware of, I have been given the filthiest of looks for some reason, all I have to base this on is that I’m on the canal for a different reason to them and they do not like it! Maybe we should have timetables set up? Runners can have early mornings or late evenings, cyclists you get late morning or Sunday afternoons, dog walkers/general walkers can have any time through the day between 9am and 3pm (you and the cyclists will have to work it out between yourselves) and after dark. Sunday mornings are reserved for the families. Saturday can be a free for all!

Or! We can just stop being a**eholes and just smile at everyone as we jog, walk, cycle or skip on by 🙂

Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough, follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow,next week, next year, stop planning, start doing 🙂



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