Happy Birthday Mr Pants!

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My son is officially a teenager! Or at least he will be at 2:32am. I have a teenage son. It’s quite unbelievable. We’ve been witness to the mood swings and general grumpy-teenage-horribleness for a fair few months now so we can’t wait for it to get in to full swing! Well to commemorate his birthday I wrote him a couple of (terrible) poems 🙂

There once was a boy named Pants, all he wanted to do was dance.

He tapped his feet to the rhythm and beat and he couldn’t stay still in his seat.


Christopher, Christopher please get a wash.
Christopher, Christopher please change your socks.
You smell like a butt or a sweaty old foot…I’ve given up trying to rhyme, it’s
late, please remember that even though you stink and you’re grumpy we still love
you so much. Happy Birthday, cheer up Charlie 😉 xx


Look at how squishy he is!

You’re such a handsome young man, kind and considerate. We know you’re not perfect, nobody is,and you do make some glorious mistakes but, hopefully, one day you’ll start to learn from them. Don’t worry, stop panicking, you’re doing fine ♥


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