Paranormal Investigation – Is the truth out there?



Spirits, ghosts, apparitions, haunting, visits, whatever word you want to use and whether or not you believe any of it, paranormal investigation or ‘ghost-hunting’ is very real and growing ever popular. The investigation of the paranormal is a pseudoscience, basically something which is scientifically plausible but as of yet has no scientific proof.

Personally I’m not a believer of ghosts, although I’m not ruling out the possibility of something. Surely there must be something? There’s most definitely something, we must leave behind an energy of some sort and maybe that there, is the beginning of an explanation.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another” – Albert Einstein


There are many unexplained goings on across this world which are just waiting for someone to bring light their situation. I have witnessed a few unexplained happenstance and I look forward to having some answers eventually. I’ve seen things which, at the time, were what I  referred to as ‘ghosts’, but as I’ve gotten older my brain has decided I was imagining it.

What if I wasn’t though? What if I did experience the supernatural and these phenomenons are real. I know it’s down to me to decide what I do and don’t believe and as of now I have an undecided opinion. My spiritual side tells me that I should embrace what I have witnessed and seek out the opening of these channels and make connections, then on the other hand my science head says ‘don’t be so bloody ridiculous, ghosts aren’t real, this is nonsense, go back to reading your Brian Cox book’.

Whichever side is true does it really matter? If I decide to embark upon an investigation in to something I can’t explain is that not science anyway? All scientists at some point didn’t understand something, they didn’t have the answers and so they investigated and experimented. Yes fair enough they most likely yielded results a lot quicker and under most circumstances would have probably given up by now but that doesn’t mean paranormal investigators should give up. Premonitions, precognition’s all of those sorts of abilities are maybe just too advanced for us to comprehend. We’re maybe only just scratching the surface, if this were to be true that would be pretty incredible.


Spiritual connections have been common place since man started to think, it was used as a way to explain strange occurrences, such as the Aurora Borealis, thunder storms and ‘Why did that dinosaur not eat me?’, that sort of thing.

As we have found explanations to these events we have drifted away from the spirituality. We always have and always will feel the need to connect to people we have lost and in some circumstances people who might need our help to ‘cross-over’.

One of the earliest recorded sightings of a ghost was in Ancient Greece, Pliny the Younger had been given permission to investigate a building where apparitions had been sighted. His encounter with the spirit was recorded as him witnessing a man in shackles, he led Pliny to a certain spot and then disappeared, it later transpired that the spot he lead him to was where the man had been buried. He was given a proper burial and the sightings ceased.1

I’ll admit it’s not the greatest ghost story ever told but it’s interesting how far back the phenomenon goes, although I supposed if it is possible to ‘haunt’ somewhere then spirits will have been returning since humans first died. Although with our modern, stress addled brains we’re more likely to stick around after death worrying about our unfinished business!


I understand that many people explain these sightings by saying that we imagine it as a way of dealing with the grief or that your sightings are hallucinations, brought on through the grieving pain. You hallucinate your Mum stood at the end of the bed or your Grandad talking to you from the kitchen. It’s a coping mechanism.

I’d like to keep an open mind, so I will. I’ve experienced thoughts, sights and feelings that are not easily explained away. There are some things that I find daft, for instance Ouija boards and table-turning, these are so easily faked, I find it difficult to believe in them. If I used them without anyone else touching them and they moved then I will happily throw my hands up and admit I was wrong, but until then I think they are twaddle.

I once went to a ghost hunting evening at Bolling Hall in Bradford, a beautiful old building, creepy as hell in some rooms, others, not so much. We were each given pendulums to use in rooms of our choosing and according to the pendulum I was ‘speaking’ to a child and my Mum, I think, contacted a man. We didn’t glean any further information but it was enticing all the same. There were certain spots in the museum where we felt horrendously uneasy and I had one particular moment where I felt like I’d been encased in a thick black cloak, it was terrifyingly uncomfortable and I’m yet to decide what it was.

We carried on through the night, visiting rooms and then the Ouija boards were presented and we took it in turns to participate with the table-turning. As I previously stated I think these methods are sketchy. The table only ever ‘flew’ when certain people were touching it and how are we to know that they weren’t moving the pointer themselves. I suppose you could argue that it only works for those people because they have a gift, they are tuned in to the connection.

I call bullshit. At least for those specific people on that night. They were frauds, trying to liven the night up, well that’s not for me. I will happily investigate some paranormal weirdness and if I feel odd or as if we’re not alone I will say so. I might not be able to explain it and it might all be codswallop but I have seen and felt bizarre things which I cannot explain.

Maybe I do have that ability and I’ve just forgotten or programmed myself to think it’s crap. My Mum has the ability to ‘see’ things and she has had what you would call premonitions, as did her Mum.

My cousin, Elaine, is also very odd, she is by far the creepiest person I have ever known and I mean that in that nicest possible way. She can make these connections and has performed readings, seances. She has a beautiful, calming presence and emits peaceful vibes.

She has been given the opportunity to do a trial evening with a paranormal investigation team and I shall be attending this ghost hunt with her. I can’t wait, I’ve only witnessed her performing one seance but it was exquisitely done and I felt safe the entire time. In conjunction with this I’ll be interviewing Elaine for my blog next week. I’ll delve further in to the experiences she has had, what interests her about the paranormal, her thoughts on why some spirits do seem to stick around and why we haven’t yet found solid proof for the existence of the spirit world.∞



Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂

‘Blind faith is no way to run a world’ – Victor Stenger

R = A x EIM x t

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  1. Link to the story written by Pliny the Younger, a writer in Ancient Greece. Accessed 26/01/2017







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