This is only the beginning

There I go, on my way 😀


Here it is. My final day of the Bossing It! Academy… I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already. I’m not looking at this as the end though. This is undoubtedly only just the beginning.

It’s been six weeks of revelations, realisations and real life awesomeness.

Each week I have learnt something new about myself. Even though I have now completed the course I won’t stop looking for things to learn about myself or developing on the things I already know.

It’s been made easier for me to set goals and I know deep down that I am going to achieve them. They aren’t things that I sit and day dream about anymore, they are things that are happening right in front of my eyes.

I have plans that were once just dreams, these are now becoming my reality.

This time last year I knew I had something in me that needed to be unleashed. I started making a couple of singing videos and I was really enjoying it and I still do but honestly I knew it wasn’t my ultimate goal.

Writing has always been my passion, I’ve just never admitted it to myself. I’ve always felt that I wanted to write a novel and that idea has been stuck in my head for years, probably since school.

I’ve finally taken the step towards fulfilling my ambition. I already am a writer, outwardly saying that was the easy part. I now know what I’m doing and this has been brought to the forefront of my mind from only six weeks of a self development course. Imagine where I’m going to be in six months… I’m imagining it and it’s amazing.


This past six weeks has been so much fun, it’s incredible to wake up every day feeling so happy, knowing that you’re in control now. I’ve taken back control of my life. I feel amazing and the best part is that everyone can achieve this. You just might need a little bit of help, I did. I couldn’t have reached this point without the Bossing It! Academy. Holly and Caroline have given me an amazing gift, I can never thank them enough.

From this moment on my life has changed for the better, in fact it changed for the better the moment I “met” Holly eight months ago. I knew it was a defining moment but I didn’t realise just how important it would be.

There are of course going to be times when I falter, when I quite possibly breakdown and I may find myself right back to how I felt nine months ago; but now I know how I can help myself get back up again. I know I have a support network with fellow academy members who may well be feeling the same or have been through similar.

I know I am destined for greatness, not greater things. My life is already pretty great and it’s getting better every single day. I am filled with this excellent euphoric charge. Something has switched on and there is no way it is getting switched back off again. I’m on my way and anyone who cares to join me is more than welcome 🙂 ∞♥


“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As you read this, know that I am sending you a warm hug.

Hugging makes happy days happier and impossible days possible.


Bossing It! Academy (payment plan option)


Bossing It! Academy



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