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‘Effie’s Rags’ offer you cute bespoke items for your little darlings. Each of their outfits can be tailor made as they are lovingly crafted by hand.

With outfits and accessories for every occasion your little fashionistas will be the best dressed by far!

‘Effie’s Rags’ was created by mother and daughter duo, Robyn and Renee, with inspiration coming from Robyn’s daughter, Effie.

I asked them to step a way from the sewing machine for 5 minutes to answer some pressing questions 😉

1. What IS eating Gilbert Grape?
I think Arnie is what’s eating Gilbert Grape 🍇

2. Describe the colour yellow to a blind person

Yellow is a warm colour, it represents happiness and spring/summer, it’s loud without being overly in your face, it’s a strong colour that represents soft gentle things.

3. What if the ‘Hokey-Cokey’ really is what it’s all about?

I think the Hokey-Cokey really is what it’s all about, putting yourself into to something can’t be done by halves you have to put your whole self in for it to succeed 🙂

4. What kind of biscuit are you?

A cookie, crispy on the edges soft and chewy in the middle. Preferably with caramel and lots of chocolate haha.

5. Forwards or backwards in time?


 That’s sooo hard 😕 maybe backwards so that I could watch some great moments that have happened, again 🙂
6. What can you hear right now?

I’m trying to catch up on Nashville so it should be that but all I can hear is Effie’s kindle and her playing with her cars 😩
7. Best piece of advice you can give me?

It will be ok !! Whatever it is that’s happening right now there’s always a solution, a person to help or understand and everything will be ok whether it’s in a weeks time or maybe even a year you will get through it !! You can do it !! It WILL be ok 👌🏻

Thank you ‘Effie’s Rags’ ♥

Check out their beautiful range of clothing and accessories here.




20% discount when you use discount code mowgli20

Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂

Be happy and keep smiling 😀


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