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I watched a lot of television and movies as a child, probably many that were just not suitable.

I don’t know if I had a favourite whilst growing up. I liked watching Red Dwarf, Birds of a Feather, Mont Python, Only Fools and Horses, Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Young Ones.

I watched anything my parents were watching really. I wan’t allowed to touch the remote.

As I grew up my tastes changed and I eventually owned my own television remote with accompanying television.

I always loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, SATC, Bones.

I don’t watch much regular television these days. Does anyone?

I watch things on Amazon, Netflix and Now Tv.

My favourites have been Prison Break, OITNB, Designated Survivor, Breaking Bad, Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Castle, Parks and Recreation, Suits. I could go on and on!

I think there’s just too much choice these days. It makes it difficult to have a favourite. You start watching something new, you love it more than anything in the world, then it ends and you think it’s the end of the world but there’s always something there to break your fall.

There’s no longer a grieving process between seasons or any anticipation. Which on some levels is great because we don’t have to wait a whole week for the next episode (most of the time) but it also makes us impatient and more difficult to please.

I used to look forward to my Thursday evenings, waiting for the next episode of Friends and the cliffhangers at the end of every series! Those things were intense! And you had to wait almost an entire year for the next one 😦 These days it’s like

“Oh no, did he die”?

Read next episodes synopsis… (Netflix really need to monitor their synopsis writers…)

“Nope, still alive, phew”

I know there are some things still using that same process, like Game of Thrones, OITNB but like I’ve said there’s so many other series out there to keep you occupied in between it doesn’t seem so lonely anymore when your “favourite” one ends.




Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂


Be happy and keep smiling 😀


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