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Clutter busting practices for a clean and tidy home

The cleaning is the problem for most of the families. With packed schedules at work, along with raising of the kids, the sanitation on regular is impossible. But the best-seller guide to de-cluttering of your home shows that doing it in the right way will lead to long-lasting results. No matter how big or small  your place is, there are always ways to use all the space in the most efficient way. This will save you hours of de-cluttering. Moreover, there are certain tricks, which will “mask” the clutter. Keep on reading and you will find the best solution for your home.

First and foremost is to keep your things to minimum. Buy only the needed and don’t become a hoarder, stuck in the trap of your own belongings. Living in accordance to the minimalist philosophy will also lead to the improvement of your budget. So how about more money and less mess? Sounds like the dream of everyone, isn’t it?! A neat and tidy home will influence your mindset and inspire your positive way of thinking.

Bust the clutter by organising your home in a smart and convenient way. Let’s start from the living room. It is the place, where you spend most of your free time, while not sleeping.

People usually keep their mail and lots of magazines under the table. Instead of stacking them under the table and letting them “wait” their turn to be read, Top London Cleaners are saying that you can create a special box. Sort them out in accordance to their thematic. In that way, every time you need something particular, you will find it straight away.

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There are very creative solutions for the kitchen, which can solve the problem with the clutter. This will provide you with airy conditions and more space for your cooking adventures. You can use mason jars for the kitchen utensils or even spices. Decorate these in accordance to your taste, expressing your personality.

Use the space on the walls, as well. This will shoot the problem with “overcrowded” pantries and falling pots. You just need a couple of nails and a strong hand. Arrange your pans and pots there, so you can easily grab the one, which you need. This will save you time in fumbling and the avalanche of kitchen utensils on your head.

The bathroom is the place in your home, where you can find some privacy. Keep it organised and it will repay you for what you have done. Some bathrooms are equipped with special cupboards, which is great privilege. But if you lack such, it won’t kill you. There is one very handy solution for that. Use an organiser, where you can place all of your products and cosmetics. Sort them out into sections, so that you can find everything in a flash. Moreover, this will save you the unpleasant activity of spilled shampoos and soapy residues.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your hideout from all the hustle and work. Keeping it organised will help you have peace of mind and efficient rest. Get rid of the idea that your bedroom is a basement, where to stuff all the unnecessary items.

Re-order the wardrobe in a way, that you can find easily what you are looking for. The best is to split your clothing into winter and summer “collection” and use as many hangers as possible. Keep in mind that your wardrobe is only for clothes. Don’t be tempted to stuff it with all other things. Use the free space on the top of the wardrobe, where you can put boxes with shoes, which are not appropriate for the season, or just arrange bulky suitcases.

Some beds are equipped with drawers, but if yours is not like that, just buy some plastic containers. This will replace perfectly the lack of drawers. To have these instead of drawers has even one advantage, you can always see the contents. Arrange your sheets and be sure that they will be always clean and neat.

Happy parents will be surprised to know that there is an end to the battlefield of toys. Just organise the toys into sections, put them in plastic boxes and label these. Your child will always see where the particular playing instrument is and have easy access to it. As additional advantage, this will improve the reading skills of your child.

It is easy to escape the grey everyday life of cleaning and de-cluttering. Organise your mind, which will reflect on the outlook of your home. To leave behind the mess, you don’t need a big house or expensive furniture. You need only a handful of coins for nails, plastic boxes and organisers. These simple, at first sight, items can blitz your property and even express your inner individualism.




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