Being naked in front of your children…

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…do you find it weird or perfectly normal?


I read a post from ‘This Morning’ on Facebook today regarding a police officer who had secretly filmed a lady sunbathing naked in her garden. She was accompanied by her three daughters who were 18, 15 and 8, they were sunbathing in bikinis. I mention this only to set the scene in order to get to my point today.

Although the secret filming is of course a rather big invasion of privacy I was more perturbed by the comment from one person in particular who said it was ‘wrong’ for the lady to be sunbathing naked in front of her children. I think silly comments like this say far more about the person saying it than who it is directed at.

In my opinion it is perfectly acceptable to be naked in front of your children in certain situations, especially mother and daughter. I believe it helps to portray confidences in body image, it aids in not being ashamed of your body. As long as it is made clear that we don’t offer up nakedness to everyone it really shouldn’t be an issue.

For me there is no cut off age to dress, undress or naked sunbathe for mother and daughter, as long as both are comfortable. I don’t have a daughter but I’m perfectly happy to get dressed and undressed in front of my mum, as she is with me.

I would dress and undress in front of my son up until he was about 6 or 7. I suppose it changes once they become independent. When he washed and dressed himself he became more private, which is completely acceptable.

There should be no shame felt about your body in front of your children or anything weird Β placed up on this whilst your children are young. If the lady had her 16 year old son (I’m not sure she has one) there with her I don’t think she would have been sunbathing naked.

Would it be ‘weird’ if the lady was sunbathing naked on the beach or at the poolside on holiday?

Anyway, I found it rather odd that this woman, who made the silly comment, would say it’s wrong. Utterly absurd…



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  1. Nakedness is as weird as you make it out to be! And in this case it sounds like this family is pretty comfortable with nakedness, and therefore this situation was probably very normal for them, and it’s none of my business!

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