Just stop being a t**t

As I sat in my bedroom on Saturday night, the only room in which I can just about drown out the insidious din from next door, I was contemplating the many ways to murder the inconsiderate son of our neighbour.

I was, however, struck with a realisation.

I have tried to think about how worse off my life could be. I’m not trapped in a war torn city, I don’t live in a hostile, domestic abuse environment. I get that it could be way worse but in all honesty sometimes this just does not work.

I am happy with my life, aside from living near ultimate c**k-wombles, it’s wonderful. That doesn’t stop me from being irritated by thunderous music and shouting and screaming.

The realisation I had was exactly that, my life is wonderful and theirs must be outrageously unfulfilling and crap if the only thing they have going for themselves is getting blathered on a weekend and playing horrendously terrible music so loud that they are very nearly waking the dead. I really do feel sorry for them.

On this Saturday in particular I tried some different methods of coping, aside from the usual screaming and crying and swearing at the wall.

First of all I was out of the house for most of the day which helped and I had formulated a plan of what needed doing when I got home.

I walked around the house talking to myself and put a film on downstairs to drown out the noise. I then had my tablet playing a film upstairs so I had something else to focus on as I went up and downstairs.

I then had a shower which helped to mask the horrific shouting and s**t “music”.

I then nestled myself in my bedroom with snacks, drinks, my headphones and Netflix.

I am of the firm belief that I shouldn’t have to spend my Saturday night hiding in my bedroom just because the the d**khead next door can’t go a single weekend without getting s**t faced but this is just how it is for now and I will try to get through it the best way I can. I may cry from time to time and scream in to my pillow but I have Chris to cuddle me better ♥

Until the day when we can afford a house away from people, this is what we must endure.

kindness 1


Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂


‘Blind faith is no way to run a world’ – Victor Stenger


Be happy and keep smiling 😀




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