Screamfest 2017

Screamfest 2017

Image courtesy of Screamfest.




Screamfest 2017


Halloween is just around the corner and you may well be in the throes of planning your costume or a spooktacular party, well if you’re looking for some inspiration or just fancy being absolutely scared out of your mind then I have just the thing for you…


Screamfest takes place at the National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton upon Trent, this cute little animal adventure land is transformed in to your worst nightmares ready to make you shriek, scream and run for your life (Well more like speed walk for your life because running is prohibited).

It’s pretty safe to say that I scare fairly easily. I can’t watch ‘The Walking Dead’ without having recurring nightmares and just the other night I was drifting off to sleep and I felt something brush against my foot, (it turned out to be my other foot) I immediately thought it was a spider and ended up having a nightmare about spiders!

So obviously visiting something called Screamfest would never be my first choice of entertainment, I’m a wuss, why would I do this to myself?

I can say with full honesty that I am glad I did do this to myself.

I was very apprehensive, standing in line waiting to venture in to the second scare having already survived the first, I very nearly chickened out, there was a moment of ‘what am I doing?’ but I ignored my fears and just reminded myself that I’m not actually going to die.

I did not know what to expect, I was guessing something along the lines of a giant walk through haunted house but the whole event was so much more. It’s initially set out like a festival, with food and drink areas, an entertainment stage, a bar and merchandise to purchase and then you have your 5 scares scattered around the farm.


The t-shirt pictured here is from 2016, hence why it features different scares.


This year Screamfest brings you;

Love hurts –

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Then join the other poor souls for a night of speed dating and let them see what’s in your heart, literally.

Soul Seekers –

You can check in but you can’t check out. The Helton Grand Hotel invites you to investigate the ghastly goings on within its walls.

Dia de los Muertos –

The day of the dead festivities are in full swing and the people of Los Condanados want you to dance through the maize maze with them for all eternity.

Demonica –

If you’ve ever wanted to know what Hell is really like then Demonica can help you with that, in return for your mortal soul…

Freak Out – 

Clowns? No thanks.


I actually loved this entire experience and I honestly think anybody who has children aged 12 and over should take them here right now. I visited with my 13 year old son and his friend and I took my Mum along, whose age I wont reveal (she was born in 1952, you do the maths) and we all equally loved it. I’m not going to go in to every detail of what each scare involves because that would ruin the surprise, just rest assured that it’s dark, smelly, noisy, absolutely terrifying and the most fun you will ever have in your life.

Some parts were more unpleasant than others and you will get the odd person (visitor not actor) who gets just a tad over enthusiastic and forgets that we’re not actually in a horror film but for the 99% of the evening it was perfect. Our only down sides to the night and these are tiny points, were that we couldn’t pay on card at the food stalls and there wasn’t much option for people who don’t eat red meat (ie. my Mum), however the wonderful food vendor man made her a chicken kebab, even though it wasn’t advertised as available. So thank you food vendor man.

Back to scary things… I have never screamed so much in my life, and there was even laughter too, I think mainly to stop myself from crying. I was truly terrified, it really is scary and that is why I highly recommend this attraction. If you’re looking for fun Halloween things to do, look no further, I have found it.

We are most definitely returning next year and I’m bringing everyone, mainly because I don’t want to be at the front and I’ll cry if I’m at the back…


Picture: Alex Cantrill-Jones / ACJ Media
Entertainment stage. Image courtesy of Screamfest.


What do you need to know?

  • Dates: 12th of October – 31st of October 2017.
  • Times: Opens at 7pm – Closes at 11pm.
  • Excellent car park.
  • Food and drink stalls available.
  • Bar.
  • This attraction is for people aged 12 and over. Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Bring cash.
  • Sensible footwear.
  • Potentially a coat but the weather was unseasonably warm for us.

Tickets and prices here. Book your tickets now… I dare you.

Tickets can be purchased to just enter the festival without experiencing the scares but I assure you now, you NEED to witness these scares. They are amazing and will shoot your adrenalin levels through the roof, in a really good way.

In all seriousness though these scares are scary and dark, there are lots of times when you can’t actually see right in front of you and you may have to grab hold of strangers in order to get out (thank you to the lady who lent me her shoulders in Soul Seekers, without you I would have died).

As I mentioned though, I am a wuss and I didn’t think I would cope but I did and I loved it and I can’t wait to return next year!

Thank you Screamfest!

Disclosure: I received free tickets for Screamfest for myself and 3 other people. All reviews expressed in this post are my own, or that of my fellow guests. I was not given monetary compensation or given any wording or statements to use by the PR team or those at Screamfest.



Be happy and keep screaming…



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    1. Yep, I’m right with you there. I was just thinking about Monster House yesterday, that thing was scary to say it was a kids movie!

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