VBites Christmas Range


VBites Christmas Range

VBites began way back in 1994 and are now one of the UK’s largest specialists in vegan food. They offer a delicious range of meat-free products from deli meats and salmon steaks through to having your full Christmas buffet sorted.

Now I know that meat-free is not to everyone’s liking. I understand, I love steak and a bacon sandwich as much as the next caveman but I did try vegetarianism for a fair few years in my teens and back then if you didn’t eat meat then you didn’t eat much. Even less if you were vegan!

I spent at least 5 years lacto-free too as I may have an intolerance to lactose and let me tell you it was grim. As time went on more and more products were introduced in to supermarkets as I think it became a bit of a trend and now many places will offer lacto-free options, but when my stint as a dairy free Queen started my choices were few and far between!

The point I am making is that I know how difficult it can be to find tasty substitutions. There are plenty of yummy recipes and foods out there that vegetarians and vegans can eat but it may become slightly more frustrating when we get to Christmas time or party buffets and you find that you can’t eat any of the food on offer.

That’s where these lovely chaps come in…

VBites were kind enough to send me a selection of their Christmas range to try out. I offered them up to my Mum, who doesn’t eat meat, my Mum’s boyfriend who is of the aforementioned caveman persuasion and myself, a meat lover but will also quite often opt for the vegi option in restaurants because I like beetroot and butternut squash…!

What did we eat?

As my Mum tried the Cheezly and Cranberry bites her reaction was…

“Mmm, mmm, Yummy”

These were obviously her favourites and the caveman liked them too. I wasn’t entirely keen but I’m not a fan of cranberry, otherwise they were yummy and they only take about 10 – 15 minutes in the oven.

The wraps were my favourite. The meat free sausage wrapped in bacon were seriously impressive, they tasted just like sausages, which for some vegetarians won’t mean a thing if they’ve never eaten sausages. We were all pleasantly surprised. The bacon was nice and crispy and they would definitely go perfectly alongside a Christmas dinner plate as an alternative to the traditional ‘pigs in blankets’.

Last but not least we had the ‘duck’ and orange pate. If I didn’t know it was vegetarian there is no way I would know that it wasn’t duck, the smell of orange was slightly overpowering but it tasted great. We enjoyed this with some crackers and I believe that my Mum and her boyfriend scoffed the lot!

All in all the VBites Christmas range was well received by all, we were suitably impressed and would definitely recommend that you try out the Christmas range if you have vegetarian, vegan or dairy free guests coming for seasonal celebrations. Or even if you just fancy a change.

You can order direct from the website or purchase selected products from Ocado or Morrisons.

Thank you VBites! x



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