Mother’s Day gift idea…or just for yourself because why not…




Buttermilk is a family run business based in Cornwall. Their traditional, artisan confectionery is a well known favourite and has been in demand since their first shop opened in 1964.

It’s quite amazing to learn that these tasty treats are handmade, which surely adds to the quintessential uniqueness of this delicious fudge.

Buttermilk now have a delicious new range perfect for your Mothers day gift (yes it’s Mothers Day next month, well at least it is in the UK), it’s the 11th of March just in case you were wondering…

You can always say it with flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed, anything you like really, so why not throw in a box of fudge too!


I am a huge fan of fudge, I cannot pass a fudge shop without buying a huge bag of the stuff, then eating it all in one go. So when Buttermilk offered to send me some to review I jumped at the chance!

Strawberries, Bellini, popping candy, what’s not to love? I see where they’re going with this combination and I love it.

However, I believe that popping candy should never be added to anything because I think in doing so it’s already lost it’s ‘pop’ before you’ve put it in your mouth… popping candy from a packet, yes, in fudge,no.

The rest of it can definitely stay though, the fruity strawberry and creamy goodness of the fudge, enjoy this crumbly creation with a bottle of fizz, or a cup of tea, whether it’s with your Mum or not.

You can buy it for whoever you like! Buy it for your Mum, don’t tell her, then just greedily eat it all to yourself, then pick up a bunch of flowers from the local petrol station for her instead.

If you want to get your hands on some of the Strawberry Bellini fudge, it’s available at Lakeland and for £2.99 (100g) or at Waitrose priced at £3.99 (150g)

Also check out some of Buttermilk’s fabulous goodies available for Easter! Ready and waiting on their website right now!





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