Tropic Skincare Collection – This stuff is good enough to eat, trust me I’ve tried it…

tropic 1


Tupperware parties are a thing of the forgotten past, now we have candles and sex toys and don’t get me wrong, I love to sniff the candles and who doesn’t love a good dildo? But when you’ve sniffed one candle, you’ve sniffed them all and frankly I’m growing tired of holding a vibrator to my nose to decide whether or not it will turn me on… how does that even work?


My new favourite excuse for having a get together is a Tropic Party, unfortunately it’s not as exotic as it sounds, we don’t all jet off to Fiji together (is Fiji tropical? let me check… Still none the wiser but it sounds tropical so we’ll go with it) and we don’t laze on sun loungers drinking Pina Coladas… what we do do is try out some incredible products from the Tropic range, a range of products that are vegan, cruelty free and all derived from natural sources. Read their story, their beliefs and their values here.



Anyway… enough of the serious jargon. I was given some of the products to try, courtesy of my delightful friend and Tropic Ambassador, Sophie, check her out here.

My cute little hamper included the ABC Skincare Collection, Now, I adore these products, I really do, everything smells good enough to eat and sometimes (okay, all of time) I have tasted them, they don’t all taste great but they’re not meant to be eaten. Many of the products are ever so slightly out of my price range, I know, some of them are mega expensive but there will be something within your budget. Plus if you have a party just invite all of your rich friends, they buy loads of stuff and you get a percentage to go towards your own order, which might work out at you paying nothing!


Hat rack


In the ABC Skincare Collection you have;

  • Smoothing Cleanser
  • Vitamin Toner (My favourite!)
  • Skin Revive
  • Face Smooth
  • Bamboo Face Cloth

Sophie also gave me the Super Greens to add in to the Skin Revive.

I have to admit that I do not have much of a skincare routine. I don’t wear make-up so that’s not something I have to worry about cleaning off every day. I “wash” my face every day in the shower and by wash I mean I let water fall on it.. I exfoliate it very rarely because I’m under the impression that you shouldn’t do that too much. I never use soap on my face, ever, and I moisturise at least twice a day. All in all I have pretty good ‘face skin’… I also think it’s down to good genes, thanks Mum (who happens to be called Jean, seriously).

But even with my spectacularly flawless skin..

I still felt a HUGE difference after using the Skincare Collection. My face felt alive! Like it was going to pack up and walk off my head,

“See-ya later Kate, I can make it on my own from now on”.

Luckily it didn’t, because that would be terrifying. They left my face feeling tingly and fresh, like they had sucked out all the dirt and grime from the day and left me with a radiant diamond! The radiant diamond being my face…

What I’m trying to say is, even with skin that is fairly well looked after, these products still felt like they made a difference and once I find some old rich guy to marry and kill, I shall be buying them all 🙂

And just because I know you definitely want to see me using these products, here’s a video of me doing just that, complete with duck headband!




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