Kynren 2018

When my friend Sam asked me to go see her perform in Kynren, my first initial reaction was,

“Of course I will!”

closely followed by,

“What the hell is Kynren…?”

Sam’s explanation of Kynren went something like this,

“It’s a story of the history of England, told on stage through a series of dances”.

I am of course paraphrasing, but her example was quite vague, so I genuinely had no idea what to expect. The website didn’t really offer much else to go on neither. So when we arrived at Eleven Arches in Bishop Auckland I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer extent of it. The place is huge!

Everyone who I mentioned Kynren to had never heard of it, which at first I didn’t find very strange because I hadn’t been to see it yet, however having now been and witnessed this epicness, I am dumbfounded that more people don’t know about it. I am utterly astounded by how incredible this show is.

Kynren is performed predominantly by volunteers, these wonderful people give up weeks and weeks of their year to rehearse dances, sword fights and battle scenes to perfection. And then get up on stage to perform 17 shows every weekend over the Summer. That is sheer dedication.

Not only that but the performances are incredible, you would think that these people are trained professionals, I assume that some of them have a background of sorts in this line of work but even so, this is on a huge scale and is definitely worthy of recognition.

I don’t want to give too much away in terms of what the show involves because there are many surprises, genuine “wow!” surprises and it’s certainly a show that needs to be witnessed in person to be fully appreciated.

In a nutshell, it is a journey through a 2000 year history of England, played out in beautiful surroundings on an open-air stage, complete with geese, sheep, horses, fire, fabulous dances, lots of excitement and tears of grief and elation.

However, it is so much more than this, it’s a beautiful celebration of our history and every single member of the cast and crew should be so proud of themselves for bringing that history back to life and sharing it in such a moving and encapsulating way.

Also, well done Sam!! I am so extremely proud of you! 🙂



To find out more information regarding show times, ticket prices or even how to get involved, here’s a link to their website.


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