National Forest Adventure Farm: Escape Maze




The National Forest Adventure Farm (NFAF) is fast becoming one of my most favourite places to visit. Not only have they managed to scare me out of my mind with their Screamfest last Halloween but they have now fulfilled my dream of becoming a secret agent.

NFAF is hosting the world’s first Escape Maze, their incredible maize maze has been transformed into one giant escape room and if you want to leave anytime soon you have to solve all the spy challenges that have been cleverly hidden around the maze.

These tasks will test you to see whether or not you have the skills needed to make it as a secret agent.


We had an amazing time… ha! Seriously though, I loved it. The challenges were genuinely quite challenging and the maze is full of twists and turns just as you would expect from a maze! It was made ever so slightly more difficult with the relentless heat but we battled on through. They do have a snack bar and seating area in the middle of the maze, so that was a very welcome relief.


We took my 14-year-old son and his friend and they both enjoyed it, so it’s definitely worth the trip for older kids too. We took on the big maze which can take around 2 hours to complete, we managed it in 1 hour 15 minutes because we’re awesome.

They also have a mini maze for the younger children, that one takes around 15 minutes to complete, we didn’t go in that one as I don’t think the teenagers would have been impressed, so I can’t comment on what that was like.

It was all good fun though, it was a good mix of mental and physical stimulation and I got to ‘meet’ James Bond, what more could I possibly ask for?

Well actually, goats and llamas and a big juicy cow nose!




There’s still loads to do around the farm, they have an array of adorable animals for you to get all excited about and there’s plenty of play areas for younger children. As we had teens with us they weren’t all that bothered about the play gyms but they loved the maze and seeing the animals.

There’s also a restaurant serving the usual burgers, paninis and everything else you’d expect. I was a little shocked to see the prices when we ordered but the food was really good and well worth the price tag!

The Escape Maze is open from the 13th of July until the 14th of September 2018.

Prices vary from Β£8.00 to Β£12.50 and you can book in advance or buy on the door. The farm is open every day from 10am until 6pm.

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