I love my boss… I’m self-employed.

I made a promise to myself two years ago that I would be self-employed within the next 2/3 years. 

I wasn’t entirely sure in what capacity I would be self employed but I knew I wanted to be my own boss. In all honesty I didn’t really put much thought into it, I just thought I’d decide on the who, what, where, why and when later on and just carried on as I was.

It’s not an easy decision, in fact, it was extremely terrifying to suddenly go from having the security of a job to not knowing if I would actually get paid the following week! I also now don’t receive holiday pay or sick pay, if I want to go on holiday I need to squirrel away some pennies to cover the weeks after the holiday and taking a sick day is completely out of the question.

Everyone will have their own reasons for going it alone but mine was more out of necessity than actually wanting to, however, I am grateful for the universe giving me that giant shove.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

And instead of just one business, I thought I’d go all out and create four! Some are co-owned, some are solo projects, unfortunately, I’m not yet making millions, but I’m only 4 months in, give me chance, but I have actually never been happier!

As I have said though, this decision was not taken lightly, there was much deliberation and I have doubted myself hundreds of times, and frequently still do. Damn that imposter syndrome!

However a smidge of self-doubt can be as useful as nerves when you’re about to go on stage, they help you give a better performance and in this case, they make me a better business person.

With all of this self-doubt, nerves and apprehension about doing this, it is super helpful when you have a supportive network around you. And for the most part, I do, I have the most supportive and understanding boyfriend a person could ask for and my family have been incredible.

Actually, most people had been urging me to go self-employed for months, my stubbornness was getting in the way.

My friends have given me encouragement and fully support my many endeavours, which is obviously what you expect from friends, they’re there to build you up, offer you advice, lend a hand and provide a shoulder to cry on when it all goes to shit.

What you don’t expect from friends and definitely not from random acquaintances, is negativity. I am not interested in how you think I might fail, what could go wrong etc, etc.

Please do not for one second think that I haven’t thought about the millions of ways this could go wrong. However, I do not need your validation to carry on, I don’t actually care what you think. I understand that sometimes these thoughts come out of fear of failure but they’re your fears, so don’t project them on to me.

Also, don’t dismiss my decisions just because it’s not the way that you would choose and never under any circumstances do you smirk or laugh at someone’s chosen path.

If you believe that my ideas are stupid or unfathomable then you can keep your thoughts to yourself because they serve no purpose for anyone. All I ask is for some positivity, a little support and if you can’t manage that then please shut the f**k up.

“If your head tells you one thing and your heart tells you another, you should first decide whether you have a better head or a better heart.” – Marilyn von Savant.


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