Colour Your Memories…

Colour Your Memories specialises in the editing and restoration of black and white and vintage photos.

Follow the links to their social media sites and check out what they’re up to!

‘Colour Your Memories’ can bring your treasured memories back to life or inject some vibrancy into a forgotten street scene or faded portrait. They also have a beautiful feature on their Instagram which showcases some lost people of the past, those who were tortured and tormented in treacherous Victorian ‘Insane’ Asylums. This particular set of photographs is extremely sad but it’s a lovely gesture to give these men and women some sort of remembrance.

It is important for Colour Your Memories to add ‘true to life’ colour to the photographs in order to draw out any details that might not be as noticeable in an old black and white picture. Their skills and expertise also aid in showcasing to us how people and lifestyles have changed over the years, such as in the street scenes they edit with different shop fronts, street signs and clothing.

You can follow Colour Your Memories on Instagram and Twitter and also check out their work on PicFair, where their work is available to buy.

A favourite on the Colour Your Memories feed.

As always when I invite people on to my blog they have to answer 7 of my ridiculous questions! Here we go…

1.    Do you have a favourite pair of socks?

My favourite pair of socks are fluffy and stripy with a little bit of glitter (every girl needs glamour, even on their feet 😂)

2.    I have an elephant for you, where will you hide it?!

If the elephant is pink it can fly, therefore I can hide the elephant in the clouds.

3.    What can you smell right now?

What I can smell right now is my cat, she smells like a dog.

4.    The zombies are right outside your door, your weapon is whatever is to the left of you. What is it?

To the left of me is a dining chair, I could possibly knock out one zombie with it then I’d run like crazy!

5.    Death by Dalek or Cyberman?

The Daleks, extermination is brutal but very quick.

6.    Is the answer to this question no?

The answer to this question is… Quite possible but maybe.

7.    What would you like engraved on your tombstone…?

On my tombstone, it’ll read “sarcastic with a hint of honey” .

Thank you so much to Colour Your Memories!



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