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I launched my blog in 2014 as a place to journal my thoughts, feelings, share my concerns and generally be a safe space for me to ‘vent’. It migrated into a place for me to document my journey through mental illness and now, generally, my life. I have used it as a platform to share my ongoing suffering with migraines and anxiety, my experience with abnormal smear results and I used it as the first place to share my personal story of sexual abuse, which has now been developed into a collaborative anthology with many other brave men and women.
Alongside the scribblings that I post here, I have also published two poetry books, which are available on Amazon.
As much as I love every aspect of my writing and working life, my real passion is performing.
I am a regular participant in panto at the Mart Theatre in Skipton, North Yorkshire. And I record cover versions of my favourite songs as often as possible, which you can find on my YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. I hope you enjoy wandering around my blog and please feel free to contact me for any reason what-so-ever! Peace x

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