I asked Chris for a topic...he chose potatoes. Here is the outcome.     Potatoes The king of the potato people holds a secret far from you, he guards it with his heart and soul, never offering a clue. I know you come to seek the guise, you want to know the truth, the truth... Continue Reading →

Poetry rewrite..

  Here is a poem from one of my favourite books of poetry, which I have had since I was a child, The Fireside Book of David Hope 1984. Mary Rebecca has a special friend whom none of us can see, She always gets invited when Rebecca comes for tea; She doesn't like to wash her hands... Continue Reading →

Don’t live for today, live for your life.

I cannot see the future, I don't dwell on the past, Our lives are in the present, but the present doesn't last.   Today is quickly forgotten, Tomorrow a heartbeat away, Stop wishing that time would move faster, Keep focused, you're here today.   Don't stay in the moment, it's fleeting, Think bigger and seize... Continue Reading →


  Encased in yellow, sturdy yet soft. Scarred but not beaten, the bruises run deep. To peel your tough exterior would reveal your soft, white delicious flesh. Worshipped by the Minions, devoured by chimps. Familiar with all! So versatile and tasty, loved by everyone. (Except my son, they give him a stomach ache)   Don’t... Continue Reading →

More Haikus!

  The chair is still there,  Empty and sad, like his heart Will his love return? Mum knows I like cake, Why is there no cake left now? My brother, damn him! Her dress of pure white, Yearning for this day to come. Soon she will be wed. The blood pulsed through, Dracula took his... Continue Reading →


"Cheesecake, cheesecake, squidgy and soft, Light and fluffy with cream on top. A crunchy biscuit base and a zingy lemon zest, I love lemon cheesecake but chocolate is the best"! Don't ever let anyone make you think you're not good enough, follow your dreams right now! Don't wait until tomorrow, next week, next year, stop... Continue Reading →

Por siempre y siempre

  Your face, it whispers of beauty and your eyes tell tales so grand. A wisdom shines from beneath, they anticipate your words. I look upon you for solace, for a haven that is eternally bound, You are my inspiration, my protector, my forever and always. For you, Mum.

Silver Lining

    The heavy wooden pier stretches out from under my feet, The mixture of salt and candy is sharp and sickly sweet A whipping wind that flips my hair, it lands across my face, I lose sight of you for a second, my heart begins to race. Your chubby cheeks are smothered with sugar... Continue Reading →

Look Closer

  Look closer Every day the same damn things, Rushing people, The chaos it brings. ‘Just slow down’ I long to yell They’d never hear me, Over this hell. Where are they going? Where’s the fire? What’s the use? The outlook’s dire. I just sit back and Let them go Their troubles pass And overflow.... Continue Reading →

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