The Doll House (Updated)

  The Doll House The little girl, Emily, had gone missing over 70 years ago. The newspaper clippings were fading but still legible. My Aunt Lizzy had followed the story closely as her daughter was of a similar age to the child, everyone was praying that their children would be kept safe. The whole village…… Continue reading The Doll House (Updated)

Keith and the stapler…

I love the way it feels when I’m the first one in at work in the morning. I’m in charge when nobody else is there, I’m the King of the Castle. I can do whatever I please and most days what I please is snooping. Snooping in desk drawers, especially Janine’s, I’d love to get…… Continue reading Keith and the stapler…

In The Eyes Of The Lord

  In The Eyes Of The Lord Janey had slipped under Mrs Parsons fence and out in to the meadow, she’d noticed the curtains twitching as she crossed the garden, she was desperate to know if she’d been seen but couldn’t stop to think about it just now, she had to be back home before…… Continue reading In The Eyes Of The Lord

Cherry Laurel

  The church was practically empty, this wasn’t particularly surprising given how unpopular Thomas had been throughout his life, he was a cruel, spiteful man and this empty church was a true reflection on just how unloved he really was, if it wasn’t for this unseasonable heat wave we were having I’d have expected people…… Continue reading Cherry Laurel


  Ghosts The world contains lots of ghosts, they are just memories left over from days that have long since gone, it usually takes a year for them to haunt their place of death and they sometimes visit their loved ones, it seems to depend upon the circumstances. We can’t interact with them yet and…… Continue reading Ghosts

First Attempt! (Creative Writing Module assignment)

This is my ‘first attempt’ for my Creative Writing module. Gayle wasn’t intentionally looking for love in all the wrong places, why would someone do that? She had in fact given up looking completely a few months ago. The wrong places seemed to find her or at least the wrong men, for example the man…… Continue reading First Attempt! (Creative Writing Module assignment)