My solo travels – First stop…York

I enjoy time on my own, I can do as I please, I can eat where I like, I can go where I like and it’s just peaceful and fun. I have also noticed that people are so much nicer to me when I’m alone, as thought they feel sorry for me…which is kind of…… Continue reading My solo travels – First stop…York

Utterly Disgraceful

  It’s no wonder the Spanish despise us so much. On our latest holiday to Estepona it truly was an embarrassment to be British. We witnessed so many children disrespecting their surroundings and the environment. Breaking bits off rocks to take home as memorabilia, even killing jellyfish! We saw a group of teenagers, who really…… Continue reading Utterly Disgraceful

Un Nuit â Paris

My trip to Paris was supposed to be full of wonder, excitement, frog’s legs and champagne, unfortunately the universe decided to fill it with despair, disappointment and the desire to never return there ever again. As I was hurrying away from the Eiffel Tower on the first day of our holiday, the 10CC song ‘Un…… Continue reading Un Nuit â Paris