Phantom Finders…

Phantom Finders Events are a paranormal investigation team based in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is a particular hot bed for paranormal activity, it seems as though there has been a heck of a lot of stuff going down in this awesome part of the world over the years… or maybe we’re just situated over the hell mouth?…… Continue reading Phantom Finders…

Screamfest 2018

[ReviewDisclaimer]   It’s going to be a scream!   I was very kindly invited back to Screamfest this year and I honestly can’t thank them enough. Not only for the invitation but for the awesomeness of the evening. I was ever so slightly more terrified than last year because I knew what to expect, or…… Continue reading Screamfest 2018

How do you invest in yourself?

    “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, basically you need to fill the cup up to be able to pour from it. The same goes for you. If you’re emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, spent then you have nothing left to give and this will leave you feeling deflated. This is why you need…… Continue reading How do you invest in yourself?

My top 5 awesome things this week!

        I really need to write things down as I go through the week because I have a terrible memory and although there are great things happening every day I will still forget them, so here are 5 that I can remember…   Something excellent which I don’t want to jinx as…… Continue reading My top 5 awesome things this week!

The Silent Scream

What a beautiful lady with an honest heart xx BeautyBeyondBones It’s not very often that I’m shaken by things. I’m pretty bullet proof. I mean, as an actor, rejection is part of the game. And hey, putting my life out on the internet, I’m pretty much asking for people to hit me with a myriad… Continue reading The Silent Scream

Favourite music artist

  Well, well, here we are again with those daft questions. I don’t have a favourite music artist, I don’t have a favourite, singer, band or group. It is an impossibility. I was never really one to have a favourite when I was younger neither. I didn’t have a typical teenage girl crush on a…… Continue reading Favourite music artist

An Hour With The President

        If I had the opportunity to spend an hour with The President of The United States then first off I would have to ask him what it is that he actually does. I know he’s mega busy and runs the country but what does his typical morning routine consist of? What…… Continue reading An Hour With The President