You can, You will.

  Do you think that when Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and J.K Rowling first started out they were successful overnight? Well they weren’t. So that answered that. They did not make millions on their first day of business. When Rowling was sat on that train planning Harry Potter, she didn’t know it would make her…… Continue reading You can, You will.

Keeping up with the Jones’

How often are you comparing yourself to others? Do you look at other people and wish you had their hair, their shoes, their money? Do you tell yourself that their children are progressing far quicker than yours? They’ve lost more weight than you? Do you constantly ask why they have everything? How is it fair…… Continue reading Keeping up with the Jones’

Perceptions Of Science

    Here are two examples of controversies in science. The Theory of Evolution The theory of evolution is so called as so far it is yet to be proven wrong, therefore it remains a theory until any other evidence contradicts it. In 1859 Charles Darwin published a book called β€˜The Origin of Species’. His…… Continue reading Perceptions Of Science