How to survive…the Yorkshire Three Peaks

I have walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks at least 5 times. I highly recommend it but please remember...   Here's my top ten tips for surviving the peaks! Don't over pack! The first time I walked the YTP I had no clue what I was doing. The kit list I read was obviously for walking … Continue reading How to survive…the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Brontë Vintage Gathering 2017

  We have had a relaxing Sunday out with friends and family at the Bronte Vintage Gathering. We started our day off right with a hot dog and a cup of tea, then spent the afternoon strolling around sampling the delights that were on offer this year. We marveled at the awesome vintage cars that … Continue reading Brontë Vintage Gathering 2017


    I am grateful for ducks and dogs because they make me smile.   I am grateful for the trees because they provide us with oxygen and they are beautiful.   I am grateful for electricity because without it I couldn't watch Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, 24 etc... I am grateful for my job … Continue reading Gratitude

Are you okay?

  How are you really? Do you ask yourself that often enough? We use it as a greeting, probably every day. "Hi, how are you?" "I'm good thanks, how are you?" And so on and so forth. We need to be checking how we are every now and again, I mean really checking. We get … Continue reading Are you okay?

Role Models

Do we choose our role models or do our role models choose us? Is there something in our sub-conscious mind that seeks out a certain kind of person? Is it already predetermined that we are going to be a specific type of person or are our behaviours and connections learned early on? Do we already … Continue reading Role Models

Your friends are not your fans…

I'm going to get straight to the point. Your friends and family are NOT your customers, fans or followers. It seems like the easy option at first and actually sounds like a brilliant idea. You have set up your business, you have a website, social media site, business cards. You have the best feeling about … Continue reading Your friends are not your fans…

Road Rage!

  Let me introduce you to the National Speed Limit sign..... You've probably all seen them and if you're a driver you've definitely seen them. I hope... Everyone who has a valid driving license and drives on the roads regularly knows what this means, or at least you should know what this means. Let's have … Continue reading Road Rage!