So Saturday…

Hello 🙂 Saturday is supposed to be a singing day for me but today was taken over by something of higher importance. My Nana passed away last November and today we finally started sorting through the 91 years of her life that was tucked away in her little house. My cousin and I have now…… Continue reading So Saturday…

Stop labelling yourself

  I have no doubt what so ever that mental illness is real. I know it is real, I’ve witnessed it first hand, I’ve dealt with it on a personal level. However I do believe to some extent that we are mollycoddling ourselves and exacerbating the situation. As much as awareness needs to be raised…… Continue reading Stop labelling yourself

Paranormal Investigation – Is the truth out there?

  Spirits, ghosts, apparitions, haunting, visits, whatever word you want to use and whether or not you believe any of it, paranormal investigation or ‘ghost-hunting’ is very real and growing ever popular. The investigation of the paranormal is a pseudoscience, basically something which is scientifically plausible but as of yet has no scientific proof. Personally…… Continue reading Paranormal Investigation – Is the truth out there?

Wednesday Haiku’s

  Watch the sunshine fade, The remnants of the day, Gone without a trace. The mirror shows truth. A reflection cannot hide. A story, so sad. Sweet sticky buns, A tasty treat for tea-time Sugary goodness.   Running, running, fast You will not escape from me, Keep on running, fast.   With a cup of…… Continue reading Wednesday Haiku’s

Keith and the stapler…

I love the way it feels when I’m the first one in at work in the morning. I’m in charge when nobody else is there, I’m the King of the Castle. I can do whatever I please and most days what I please is snooping. Snooping in desk drawers, especially Janine’s, I’d love to get…… Continue reading Keith and the stapler…

Progress Day! Bossing it!

I made myself a writing plan and my goodness I am sticking to it! I have umm-ed and aahed over the last 12 months about writing and singing and if I can do it and this, that and the other. I came to the conclusion that yes of course I can, why not? Who is…… Continue reading Progress Day! Bossing it!

Sunday :)

My newly found writing plan says I have to have 500 words written for my novel today. Well it does help if I had made a decision on which novel I am going to start with. I have four ideas kicking around in my head at present so I’ve been doing some brain-storming today to…… Continue reading Sunday 🙂