I often try to think of ways to make you realise this is real My words are often lost on you, rejection is what I feel. My pen is poised above the paper, wanting to tell you more My heart is bursting with love and feelings buried beneath the core Just a glimpse of…… Continue reading Acceptance


This poem was inspired by the bookย The Island by Victoria Hislop.   I gazed upon your dusty streets, Your windowless walls filled with pain. The blossom still blows across the ground, Will there be life here once again?   I wandered slowly down your pathways, I breathed in the murky sadness. The wind whispers memories…… Continue reading Isolation

Looking At My Father

    To look at my father is to look at a genius at work, he knows absolutely everything you ever need to know and will not hesitate to give you the answer you require, but be prepared for his answer because they are never the quick game show ones you might have been looking…… Continue reading Looking At My Father

Perceptions Of Science

    Here are two examples of controversies in science. The Theory of Evolution The theory of evolution is so called as so far it is yet to be proven wrong, therefore it remains a theory until any other evidence contradicts it. In 1859 Charles Darwin published a book called โ€˜The Origin of Speciesโ€™. His…… Continue reading Perceptions Of Science

Intimate Strangers

His seductive caress on my naked thigh is enough to drive me wild, My breath catches in my chest, my head begins to swim. Itโ€™s impossible to focus on anything other than his lips on mine. I can feel his urgency as he presses against me, I let out a low moan, which penetrates the…… Continue reading Intimate Strangers

Dr Who

I was just watching an episode of Dr Who with my son, the one where he takes Rose to watch the Earth be destroyed by the solar flare…(End Of The World I believe it is aptly named)! And before they arrive at ‘Platform One’ (the observation ship, for those of you who don’t watch it…… Continue reading Dr Who


I’m not entirely sure why I have decided to start writing a blog..I suppose it’s mainly because I don’t have time to keep a diary, so this will basically be a collection of gibberish. If someone thinks it’s pointless drivel so be it! It makes me feel better and it might, somehow make someone else…… Continue reading Blog..?