Dr Who

I was just watching an episode of Dr Who with my son, the one where he takes Rose to watch the Earth be destroyed by the solar flare…(End Of The World I believe it is aptly named)! And before they arrive at ‘Platform One’ (the observation ship, for those of you who don’t watch it…… Continue reading Dr Who


I’m not entirely sure why I have decided to start writing a blog..I suppose it’s mainly because I don’t have time to keep a diary, so this will basically be a collection of gibberish. If someone thinks it’s pointless drivel so be it! It makes me feel better and it might, somehow make someone else…… Continue reading Blog..?

Write what you know….

I could never quite think of the perfect idea for a novel, the sequence of events would never quite fit together in my head, then I saw the film Never Been Kissed and Drew Barrymore uttered those wonderful words ‘Write what you know’ and I thought what brilliant advice! I can write what I know…so…… Continue reading Write what you know….

First Attempt! (Creative Writing Module assignment)

This is my ‘first attempt’ for my Creative Writing module. Gayle wasn’t intentionally looking for love in all the wrong places, why would someone do that? She had in fact given up looking completely a few months ago. The wrong places seemed to find her or at least the wrong men, for example the man…… Continue reading First Attempt! (Creative Writing Module assignment)

Against The Clock

It seems that these days everyone is always against some sort of clock. There’s so much rushing about and panicking, we don’t ever just stop and take it in, we miss so much that is going on around us, and our lives have become whirlwinds that disappear as quickly as they arrived. There are deadlines…… Continue reading Against The Clock