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Our Summer

(and when I say ‘Our Summer’ I mean ‘My Summer’ because we all know that if Chris and Christopher were left to sort it we would be doing nothing… or maybe we’d be playing Fortnite, eating cheese and drinking tea…)   Last year I was rubbish with the Summer planning, I thought we could wing

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Northumberland Day Two

  It just so happened that our weekend away fell on the same weekend as my boyfriend’s Mum’s birthday and she happened to be with us. It was therefore only fitting that we should eat cake… Let there be so much cake! The Corner House Cafe is most definitely the place you need to go

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This week’s highlights!

My top 5 moments from this week. (In no particular order)       Leeds Pride! What an awesome day 🙂 (blog to follow tomorrow) Foxy’s birthday party, lots of doggies. An enchanting Brontë walk, complete with cake. Asking my Mum for a hairdryer and her handing me some contraption from the 70’s. Reaching 500

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A weekend of adventures!

This last weekend gave me the rare opportunity to spend some time with my son. My boyfriend was working nights and so Christopher and I headed off to find some adventures. The weekend wasn’t without its arguments. That child will  argue that black is white with me given half the chance. We had fun though,

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