National Forest Adventure Farm: Escape Maze

[ReviewDisclaimer]   The National Forest Adventure Farm (NFAF) is fast becoming one of my most favourite places to visit. Not only have they managed to scare me out of my mind with their Screamfest last Halloween but they have now fulfilled my dream of becoming a secret agent. NFAF is hosting the world’s first Escape…… Continue reading National Forest Adventure Farm: Escape Maze

Happy Woofday and donkeys…

I had a dream come true on Tuesday when I got to spend a couple of hours surrounded by doggles. Foxy is my Mum’s dog, they rescued him just over a year ago and my Mum has succeeded in turning him in to a loveable looney. The 1st of August is Foxy’s birthday, he turned…… Continue reading Happy Woofday and donkeys…

Lots of fur babies!

    I’ve always had animals in my life. I think a home isn’t a home without a little fur baby. There were definitely many cats when I was little, the most we had at the same time, I think was six. I’m pretty sure most of them were adopted. Here’s the ones I can…… Continue reading Lots of fur babies!

The Peak District!

    This weekend my Mum and I headed off down to the Peak District with the Veteran Boot Breakers to take on a 15 mile walk across the district of peaks, taking in Kinder Scout, Winnats Pass and Mam Tor. This was my first time visiting the Peak District and the drive down there…… Continue reading The Peak District!

My Favourite Animal

I will not ever, ever choose between ducks and dogs. It just cannot ever happen. For a start they are both adorably cute and secondly they are hilarious! You’ve seen ducks walk? Well, waddle. It’s quite possibly one of the most entertaining things ever. Also they are just tiny dinosaurs so you’ve got to love…… Continue reading My Favourite Animal

How to (not) survive a camping trip

  Summer finally arrives, you’ve had your heart set on the most joyous of camping trips for months. It’s going to be amazing. You can re-connect with your family, be at one with nature. This all sounds incredible and you’ve probably imagined the scene over and over. It’s perfectly serene, a baby rabbit takes food…… Continue reading How to (not) survive a camping trip

Meet the family – Our ratties

  Here are our beautiful fur-babies! Well here’s three of them anyway. Allow me to introduce you to Heidi, the grey and white dumbo rat, Gwen, the albino and Sherlock, the other one 😉 Our pet rats are not just animals, they are part of our family. They each have their own little personalities and…… Continue reading Meet the family – Our ratties