Northern Blog Awards 2017

Northern Blog Awards On Saturday night I lost my blog awards virginity and it did not disappoint. This was the first annual Northern Blog Awards, created and organised by the incredible HollyGoesLightly. I have never attended an event like it, from the venue down to the name cards, every detail was perfect. When I first began…… Continue reading Northern Blog Awards 2017

Highs and unfortunate lows

  I really don’t like to focus on the lows, I like to keep positive and look for the best bits of every day. However you can’t appreciate the good times without the bad. It’s been a funny and uncomfortable week. I’ve sustained an inexplicable injury to my shoulder and I am currently on some…… Continue reading Highs and unfortunate lows

The Liebster Award

    I was nominated! Thank you so much to Vanessa, The Real Ness for the nomination. This is such a wonderful way to help out new bloggers ♥ What is the Liebster Award I hear you ask? Check out the official rules here. The Liebster Award Rules Answer the 11 questions that you are asked. Nominate 5…… Continue reading The Liebster Award