The Liebster Award

    I was nominated! Thank you so much to Vanessa, The Real Ness for the nomination. This is such a wonderful way to help out new bloggers ♥ What is the Liebster Award I hear you ask? Check out the official rules here. The Liebster Award Rules Answer the 11 questions that you are asked. Nominate 5…… Continue reading The Liebster Award

How to (not) survive a camping trip

  Summer finally arrives, you’ve had your heart set on the most joyous of camping trips for months. It’s going to be amazing. You can re-connect with your family, be at one with nature. This all sounds incredible and you’ve probably imagined the scene over and over. It’s perfectly serene, a baby rabbit takes food…… Continue reading How to (not) survive a camping trip

Shimmer and Shine in business with Clare Reynolds

  Clare is a busy mum and business mentor. With three children and brand new puppy you’re probably wondering how Clare has the time or energy for anything else!   Clare has obviously mastered the art of time management and how to stay organised. If you’re stuck in a rut, you want to start your…… Continue reading Shimmer and Shine in business with Clare Reynolds

Things I love (There’s a lot of stuff)

    I was once told that I use the word ‘love’ too often and if it was said too much it lost it’s meaning. Well b***s to that! I love lots of things. Plus, the word ‘love’ just rolls nicely off the tongue, ‘like’ is too much effort 😛   So here is my…… Continue reading Things I love (There’s a lot of stuff)

Films I own, but can never watch again!

    We have lots of DVD’s in our house, too many really. Especially these days when films are so easily accessible on Netflix, Amazon Video and other movie streaming apps. There are some films you just have to own though, for example Shawshank Redemption. I do have a copy of this but it’s very…… Continue reading Films I own, but can never watch again!

My Top 5 Inspirational Films

  As I’ve been working on my mindset recently and taking time out for myself, I’ve been meditating, reading, writing and I’ve also been switching off and losing myself in films. This got me thinking about my ‘Top 5s’. So here we have 5 films that have inspired me in the past or that I…… Continue reading My Top 5 Inspirational Films

Keeping up with the Jones’

How often are you comparing yourself to others? Do you look at other people and wish you had their hair, their shoes, their money? Do you tell yourself that their children are progressing far quicker than yours? They’ve lost more weight than you? Do you constantly ask why they have everything? How is it fair…… Continue reading Keeping up with the Jones’