Sorry, I’m busy

  Sorry, I’m busy… What does that mean to you? If I say “I’m busy” when someone asks me if I’m free for something it can mean several different things. I’m busy translates as ‘I have other plans’, ‘I’m out’… I’m working I’m going to the cinema I’m out for the day I’m at the…… Continue reading Sorry, I’m busy

Weekly Highlights!

    Well, it’s here… December is upon us, rehearsals started yesterday but as I’m writing this on Saturday I don’t yet know how they went… We’re performing in 2 weeks!! Anyway, here’s this weeks highlights… I’ve managed to get all my ducks in a row 😉 I have already started plotting chapters for my…… Continue reading Weekly Highlights!

What are weekends for?

My weekends are rarely quiet and I’ll never get the same weekend twice. In the last two months my weekends have consisted of; a stay in Berwick, a 50’s picnic, a day out in Chester. BBQ’s, a visit from the in-law, meals out, lots of fun, family and friends! I don’t have certain things that…… Continue reading What are weekends for?

Shimmer and Shine in business with Clare Reynolds

  Clare is a busy mum and business mentor. With three children and brand new puppy you’re probably wondering how Clare has the time or energy for anything else!   Clare has obviously mastered the art of time management and how to stay organised. If you’re stuck in a rut, you want to start your…… Continue reading Shimmer and Shine in business with Clare Reynolds