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Northumberland: Day One

It’s always a treat to Visit Northumberland, there’s a feeling of relaxation as you make your way further North. It’s serene, calm. The air is clear and you could be forgiven for thinking that could actually run in to a dragon at any given moment. My Mum has a cottage in a small village just

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Did you know… Holy Island

    Northumberland is one of my most favourite places on our Earth and recently I spent a wonderful weekend there with my Mum and Bridget, Chris’ Mums. (More on that in a few days). One of the best things to do there is to visit Holy Island, so I thought I would do a

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Holy Island

Following on from our trip to Sunderland to scatter my Nana’s ashes, my Mum, Christopher and I carried on with our travels up to Scremerston. If you’ve never been to Northumberland then I suggest that you get your little tush there right now. It’s beautiful and there’s a definite sweet scent of magic in the

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