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My world…

  …or not.   I love my darling son more than anything in this Universe and I will protect, defend and help him for as long as I am able. He is more precious to me than any thing else. Which I’m sure is the case for most parents and their own children. There is

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What was I like as a child?

I’m not sure that I’m qualified to say what I was like as a child. I think I was a pretty awesome little kid. Maybe I was a tiny bit stubborn and potentially had anger issues but I know for a fact that I was hilarious and entertaining. My view of me as a child

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The Doll House (Updated)

  The Doll House The little girl, Emily, had gone missing over 70 years ago. The newspaper clippings were fading but still legible. My Aunt Lizzy had followed the story closely as her daughter was of a similar age to the child, everyone was praying that their children would be kept safe. The whole village

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My teenager and money

A few days ago I posted about my son and his financial knowledge. I included a diagram of my bank account activity and promised to enlighten you all with a follow-up regarding his insight and opinion… First and foremost I managed to coax him out of his room with promises of hot chocolate and pieces of

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