Don’t fight the fear, follow it.

I am scared of something every single day. It could be anything. From the completely rational, ‘what if someone tries to break in’ to the totally irrational ‘what if I choke whilst eating this sandwich’. I know this is mainly my anxiety coming into play and it makes everything seem a thousand times worse than…… Continue reading Don’t fight the fear, follow it.

A challenge I have overcome

  I find that my lack of confidence is a challenge for me. It’s something that I have to overcome on a regular basis. I used to have oodles of confidence when I was younger and slowly over the years it’s been chipped away at. Well now I’m building it back up and almost at…… Continue reading A challenge I have overcome

We’ve got your back!

     You’re browsing through Facebook or Instagram and you come across someone and think  ‘Why do they have everything and I don’t?’ They don’t have everything. I promise. It’s just not possible. (Unless they are The Queen… are they The Queen?) Your life will never be perfect. Now I’m not saying you’ll never be…… Continue reading We’ve got your back!

Bossing It! Progress Week Four

  Well, I have made it through week 4! The Bossing It! Academy is without a doubt one of the most influential and life changing things I have ever done. My confidence has sky rocketed. I have uploaded three videos with my actual face on them… Check out my face! It was terrifying and I know they aren’t…… Continue reading Bossing It! Progress Week Four

Progress Day Bossing It! Week 3

  Well I have made it to the end of week three, the halfway point! I feel as though I have made major progress since the end of week two. In only seven days  I have achieved so much. I have become more aware of what is stopping me going out there and getting what…… Continue reading Progress Day Bossing It! Week 3