Day of Dance

  The Day of Dance in Saltaire is exactly what it says it is… An entire day dedicated to all things dance. From Morris to Ballroom, West African to Lancashire Step Clog. There’s something for everyone and it’s all aimed at beginners, so even if you’ve never danced a step you can still definitely join…… Continue reading Day of Dance

Moved to the music

Music is majorly important to me, I will always have some sort of music on whatever I’m doing. I’ll have the radio playing downstairs, my iPod on upstairs and something playing on my phone as I carry it around with me. It’s comforting and soothing. It picks me up, it helps me relax and sometimes…… Continue reading Moved to the music

Martin House

I have been a Community Ambassador for Martin House (MH) for two years now and in all honesty I feel that I haven’t given it the time and effort it deserved. I have tried, believe me I have tried. Unfortunately I have lost the determination that I felt two years ago. It doesn’t take much…… Continue reading Martin House