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How to Disney…

  I’m a planner, I like to plan. I like to have order and I like to be organised. It’s not military precision, I can cope with being a few minutes late here and there, although that does entirely depend on what it is I’m doing at the time. If you’re going out for a

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My singing channel :)

  Good morning. What a miserable day, let me cheer you up with my cover songs playlist 😚 I’m a little teapot…:  

My version of ‘Frozen -Do you wanna build a snowman?’

  Here is my attempt at becoming a Disney Princess! 😚 A Disney Princess who will soon be tearing her hair out (what’s left of it) when the window men arrive on Monday! Anyway, here’s some lighthearted fun for the weekend. Please give me some suggestions for the next one xx  


  I love this photo. I have no clue what we are laughing about or even where we are. I think it was taken in the revolving restaurant at Epcot Centre in Florida. We look so happy. It brings back so many special memories. The locket that my Mum has around her neck had photographs

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