Many in 1

  I keep promising myself that I will post to my blog in a more structured fashion, unfortunately life just gets in the way! It’s been a mixed bag of a weekend (well two weekends! I really need to get organised) so I’m going to squish everything in together. I’ve managed to get three of…… Continue reading Many in 1

And all that jazz!

Well, well, well… it’s been a busy couple of weeks. My poor little poorly baby was struck down with an evil ear infection, which resulted in both ear drums being perforated! (Ouch) Not content with that, he then fancied a quick trip to A&E after having an asthma attack! A full recovery has been made…… Continue reading And all that jazz!

Making progress.

We have been in our ‘new’ house for about a year now, well it will be a year on the 13th of November! We still have lots to do. We started with the laundry room (still not finished). We’ve had the new boiler put in, new windows and doors but we’ve not really made it…… Continue reading Making progress.

Home Improvements: Room(s) with a view ;)

    We are very lucky to have such beautiful views from our house. However as you can see from the first picture the windows sort of ruin that view! So the next endeavour will be just that! The windows..all of them, well you may as well jump straight in with both feet. Obviously we…… Continue reading Home Improvements: Room(s) with a view 😉

Home Improvements: It’s only the beginning…

My boyfriend and I have recently moved in to our own home, a house which we have bought with our own pennies! One which we can do what we like with and don’t have some crazy landlord ready to kill us…. Our first port of call was to get a new boiler.. ta-dah! Done that,…… Continue reading Home Improvements: It’s only the beginning…