‘Our’ Earth and stuff…

This genuinely a complete ramble of word vomit... It started off with a point, then took a swift turn into something completely different, I managed to bring it back towards the end and I believe there's a message in there somewhere... It's just once I have a thought about something I have to get it... Continue Reading →

Let’s be kind

  One day this Earth on which we stand, this place we call home will eventually cease to exist. It will burn to nothing and take everything with it. Hopefully by then we will have made our way across the stars and on to other worlds, cautious of the destruction we have caused to our... Continue Reading →

Let’s get some f**king perspective

When did we become so moany? yes I know that the British do tend to moan every now and again... We love to moan about the weather, whether it's too hot or too cold, too wet, too dry. We live on a tiny bloody island! We don't have a stable weather system. It's just science,... Continue Reading →

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