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My solo travels – First stop…York

I enjoy time on my own, I can do as I please, I can eat where I like, I can go where I like and it’s just peaceful and fun. I have also noticed that people are so much nicer to me when I’m alone, as thought they feel sorry for me…which is kind of

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Prince of Wales Park

Alongside some garages near our house there is a public footpath which leads you up on to Gilstead Moor. We first discovered this trail when we moved here nearly two years ago. It’s a short walk to a beautiful view of Bingley and beyond. You can see all across the top of St.Ives and all

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Five places I need to visit.

    I could make this list a thousand places long. Or I could just make it really short and say ‘everywhere’! I may have mentioned before that I want to go everywhere! I just want to visit so many places. Unfortunately time and money are lacking in my life at the moment. And even

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